Control Techniques has a customer focused training program. This approach to training makes it easy for those wishing to register for classes. The regional schedule has training in eight locations: Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Eden Prairie, Grand Island, Las Vegas, Providence, and Toronto.

Featured product training will rotate through these locations, with standard classes being offered at the Grand Island Service Center and Eden Prairie. Offering courses in their Drive Centers isn’t entirely new, but now these courses will be offered on a regular basis and in a consistent fashion throughout the continent.

A sample of courses being offered is: Intro to Unidrive SP, 2 days, Unidrive SP, 3 days, PowerTools Pro, 2 days, Quantum/Mentor DC Drives, 3 days, MC Controller, 2 days, SyPTPro, 2 days, Advanced SyPTPro, 4.5 days, and Unidrive Classic, 4 days.C/T will also design a training seminar tailored to specific applications and also conducts in-plant training.

Control Techniques is making it easier for the customer by also simplifying the registration process, rules and fees.

All classes can be purchased from Control Techniques only. There are no distributor discounts, nor is there provision for partial payment for partial attendance. Control Techniques will continue to offer training at customer sites as requested. Contact the Eden Prairie training facility (800) 397-3786 or email them at for details.