CT Technical Downloads

Manuals – product manuals Software – current and archive software for supported drives, mc controllers, operator interfaces and motion control.

Commissioning software packages:

  • CTSoft – Drive parameter configuration and index motion editor
  • MentorSoft – Drive parameter configuration & index motion editor – Mentor & Quantum series
  • SXSoft – Drive parameter configuration and index motion editor for Commander SX series
  • CTScope – Real-time software oscilloscope

Programming software packages:

  • MotionPerfect2 – Programming Software for our MC Series (Multi-Axis Motion Controllers)
  • PowerTools Pro – Complete programming for servo applications
  • SyPTLite – Ladder program editor for simple PLC control
  • SyPTPro – Drive automation and motion programming environment

Drive Selection software packages:

  • CTSize – Drive and Motor Selection Tool for Motion Control Applications
  • CTSave V2NEW Energy Savings Estimator
    (Select Drive Software under the Software section)

Connectivity software packages:

  • CTOPCServer

Firmware – current and archive firmware for supported products

Drawings – product drawings for controls, drives, motors, accessories and cables

Motor DDF Files – ddf, psa, and data files for supported vector motors and linear actuators