Machine Vision Inspection Systems

Cognex offers the widest range of VISION and ID products available from a single source. Companies throughout the world use Cognex systems to improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs, and track parts on their production lines. All Cognex products incorporate innovative technology that has led the world since 1981, and are universally recognized as offering the highest accuracy, reliability, and performance. With more than half a million systems installed worldwide, inspecting billions of products every day, Cognex helps manufacturers operating in all industry sectors isolate defective parts, optimize production processes, and implement full traceability programs.

Vision SystemsVision Systems
In-Sight® systems are powerful, self contained products for all kinds of vision applications. They combine camera, processor, and software into a single package, with a simple and flexible user interface for configuring your application.
Fixed-Mount Industrial-ID ReadersFixed-Mount Industrial-ID Readers
DataMan® readers offer the smallest and highest performance in the industry, reading everything from simple bar codes to challenging DPM marks reliably every time. Ground breaking technologies includes new autofocus and industrial connectivity capabilities.
Vision SensorsVision Sensors
Checker® sensors are easy to use and affordable. They are used to check the presence and size of parts and products. Can be used in a wide range of applications where traditional sensors cannot provide solutions.
Handheld Industrial-ID ReadersHandheld Industrial-ID Readers
DataMan offers the widest range of industrial handheld readers in the industry. With innovative lighting, image acquisition, and code reading capabilities, they can read virtually any code on any surface.
Vision SoftwareVision Software
VisionPro software gives the most flexibility, by combining the full library of powerful Cognex vision tools with the cameras, frame grabbers and peripherals of your choice. Enables easy integration with PC-based data and control programs.
Code VerifiersCode Verifiers
Easy-to-use and reliable DataMan verifiers enable the quality of codes to be accurately evaluated, with both fixed mount and handheld units available. Critical for applications that require the highest read rates for 2D Data Matrix codes.
Industry-Specific Products:
Since 1981, Cognex has solved the most difficult vision applications. Our industry-specific products include solar, packaging, semiconductor, electronics, wafer identification, and more.
Web and Surface Inspection:
SmartView is the industry-leading technology for detecting and classifying defects during the manufacture of metals, paper, nonwovens, plastics, glass and solar material on high speed continuous production lines.