As the exclusive North American marketing, sales, engineering, and manufacturing partner of several world class European manufacturers, we offer a wide range of premium quality power transmission and motion control components designed specifically to enhance the performance of your machine designs. These include speed reducers and gearmotors, servo planetary reducers, spiral bevel gearboxes, shaft phasing gearboxes, shaft couplings, torque limiters, and screw jack lifting systems.

We prefer a consultative approach to determine the optimum solution for your requirements. While there is a lot of information on this site for your personal investigation, we invite you to call us with your design challenges. It’s through identifying your unique needs that we can be most helpful.

one pixelProduct Group Overview:

Speed Reducers, Gearmotors, and Motors Speed Reducers, Gearmotors, and MotorsFeaturing a wide range of power transmission solutions including helical, helical bevel, parallel shaft, and helical worm gearmotors and speed reducers, aluminum and stainless steel worm gear speed reducers, inverter duty motors, and stainless steel motors. All are available with a variety of options and mounting configurations for maximum design versatility.

Precision and Economical Servo Gearheads Precision and Economical Servo GearheadsThe largest gearhead program available from a single source includes a variety of inline and right angle gearhead technologies providing solutions for both precision and general purpose servo motion control. Offering models with planetary gear, helical gear, bevel gear, and worm gear options assures the proper performance, configuration, and price point for your unique application.

Spiral Bevel Gearboxes Spiral Bevel GearboxesFeaturing low backlash, precise rotary motion, high speed capacity, and a rugged design, this right angle spiral bevel gearbox program offers the widest range of sizes, ratios, and shaft configurations available. These include single or multiple output shafts, several hollow bore profiles, flanged models, and reversing and declutching options. 10 sizes rated from 1 to 250 HP are available.

Shaft Phasing and Variable Speed Gearboxes Shaft Phasing and Variable Speed GearboxesShaft phasing gearboxes, also know as speed correction drives, are designed for applications requiring shaft timing, positioning, registration control, tension control, and narrow range speed control. Variable speed gearboxes are for wide range speed control and offer an explosion proof and overload resistant design able to deliver full torque from zero to maximum speed.

Special Design Gearboxes Special Design GearboxesStandard design modifications and complete special designs gearboxes are available for a wide variety of applications. With an extensive range of modular components, design options, and custom machining capabilities, unique solutions are possible in all our product lines. Special environmental protection options, high speed capabilities, and combination drive systems are featured.

Screw Jack Systems Screw Jack SystemsThis acme lead screw and ball screw lifting and positioning screw jack program offer the most extensive list of system components and options available from a single source. Traversing standing versions, rotating nut versions, and special actuators for solar panel and antennae positioning are available from 1/2 to 100 ton capacities in a variety of lifting speeds.

Shaft Couplings, Torque Limiters, and Line Shafts Shaft Couplings, Torque Limiters, and Line ShaftsThese zero backlash couplings are available in two versions with a variety of standard and customized connection options. Bellow coupling designs are for high rigidity and low inertia. Elastomer insert jaw couplings are for absorbing vibration or use in lower cost precision applications. Both versions offer as standard options integrated ball and detent torque limiters and attachable torque tubes for use as line shafts.