DC Drives

High Performance Three Phase DC Drives

Mentor MP High Performance DC Drive Solutions Platform

25A – 210A (3 hp – 100 hp)

208-460V / 575V

Mentor MP is Control Techniques’ 5th generation DC drive and integrates the control platform from the world’s leading intelligent AC drive, Unidrive SP. With its on board PLC the Mentor MP is the most advanced DC drive available, giving optimum performance and flexible system interfacing capability.

Mentor II Intelligent DC Drive

25A – 1850A (3 hp – 1000 hp) 2.2kW – 750kW

Mentor II DC Drive

Mentor II DC drives are installed in hundreds of thousands of applications across the world, providing the reliability, power and control to increase productivity for both new machines and applications where DC motors are already installed.

Quantum III Compact DC Drive Package

38A – 1620A (5 hp – 1000 hp) 3kW – 750kW

3 Phase DC Drives

The Quantum III delivers a DC drive package that integrates the control functionality of the Mentor II with a space saving design that incorporates a DC loop contactor, high-speed input fuses, 115 VAC control logic and DC output fuses on all regenerative models.

General Purpose Single Phase DC Drives

Our Fincor single-phase DC drives provide a complete family solution – from the compact Series 2120 chassis drive to the powerful Series 2230 and its feature rich application specific options.

2120 Series – Economical non-regenerative DC drives

0.125 hp – 3 hp (0.28 to 2.2kW)

Fincor 2120 Series

The Fincor 2120 Series drives feature compact size and lowest pricing. Chassis units are dimensionally interchangeable with many competitive units and are ideal for the OEM or panel builder who builds a custom system by integrating the drive into an enclosure with special logic or auxiliary control devices.

2330 Series – Isolated non-regenerative DC drives

0.125 hp – 3 hp (0.28 to 2.2kW)

Fincor 2330 Series

The Fincor 2330 Series drives features a fully isolated regulator using surface mount technology. It includes an isolated customer run contact, low voltage operator control circuitry, and full wave power conversion.

2610 Series – Full Feature non-regenerative DC drives

0.125 hp – 5 hp (0.28 to 3.73kW)

Fincor 2610 Series

The Fincor 2610 Series drives feature a fully isolated regulator using surface mount technology. It includes additional inputs and outputs with advanced control capabilities.

2230 Series – Feature rich regenerative DC drives

0.125 hp – 5 hp (0.28 to 3.73kW)

Fincor 2230 Series

The Fincor 2230 Series regenerative drives are ideal for your more demanding application with ratings up to 5 horsepower. Regenerative drives handle reversing without contactors and are able to stop faster.