Control Techniques Servo Motors

Servo Motors

Control Techiques offers a full range of servo motors in a variety of choices to meet your needs. The Unidrive FM motor series is a high quality motor with many configuration and feedback options. The NT motor has an advanced motor design offering a compact footprint with high torque and low inertia — ideal for dynamic applications. The XV motor is perfect for cost-sensitive applications that still require servo performance.

A high dynamic brushless AC servo motor range 6.3 to 166.4 lb-in (499lb-in peak); 0.72 to 18.8Nm (56.4Nm peak)
High performance brushless AC servo motor range 6.3 to 1200 lb-in (3611 lb-in peak); 0.72 to 136Nm (408Nm peak)
The NT Motor is a high performance motor manufactured to maximize torque and minimize size in NEMA 2” and 3” or metric frames. 7.5 to 56 lb-in (0.85 to 6.3 Nm).
The XV servo motor series is has 4 metric frame sizes 40, 60, 80 and 130 mm and provides a great value for its size and power range. 0.95 – 101 lb-in (296 lb-in peak); 0.11 – 11.4Nm (33.4Nm peak)
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