Control Techniques Motion Controllers


Control Techniques offers a comprehensive range of motion control products. Including products for single, axis-and-a-half and multi-axis servo systems, designed to perform in distributed, centralized and hybrid control architectures. See our Servo Drives section for more information on our solutions.

PowerTools Pro software and the full line of compact servo drives continue Emerson’s quarter-century tradition of providing machine builders and OEM’s with “Motion Made Easy!”®motion control solutions that are economical, reliable, and easy to install and program. SyPT Pro software is our extremely flexible programming environment allowing users to program in function block, ladder or structured text.

Motion Controller Solutions

FM Control Modules – EN & MDS servo drives

Multi-axis Controllers – Unidrive SP, Digitax ST, Epsilon EP-B, MDS and EN series servo drives

Solution Modules (SM) for motion control – Unidrive SP and integrated into our Digitax ST servo drives

Integrated Motion Control – Epsilon EP & Digitax ST servo drives

FM Control Modules <click for details


FM control modules provide EN & MDS drives with “snap-on” functionality for Indexing (FM-2), Programming (FM-3E), and Advanced Programming (FM-4E). This modular approach allows users to choose the level of advanced machine control they need, based on the applications parameters and not the drive “spec”. For applications requiring traditional multi-axis control, our MC controller is easily integrated with a single cable connection. These modules are programmed using the our PowerTools Pro software.

Multi-Axis Controllers <click for details

Motion Control MC

The Motion Coordinator series of centralized controllers offer scalability, modularity, and flexibility. Scalability is offered through the choice of two different base controllers, four different servo drive series, and over 15 daughter board options. These solutions work with our Unidrive SP, Digitax ST, Epsilon EP-B, MDS and EN series servo drives.

SM – Solution Modules for Motion Control <click for details


Our automation option modules contain a high performance microprocessor used for advanced trajectory, event and network processing, leaving the drive’s own processor available to provide the best possible motor control.These solution modules work with both our Unidrive SP and integrated into our Digitax ST products.

These features are integrated into the variants of our Digitax ST drive product family. Our motion control module offerings are: SM-EZMotion, SM-Applications Plus and SM-Applications Lite V2.

Integrated Motion Control <click for details

Epsilon EP

Digitax ST

Our Digitax ST and Epsilon EP servo drive product lines offerings include integrated motion control solutions.

Variants and their respective solutions include:

  • Epsilon EP-P – Programmable – Create complete user programs to sequence the motion control.
  • Epsilon EP-I – Indexer drive – Position controller provides Home, Index, and Jog motion profiles.
  • Epsilon EP – Base drive –  Ideal for servo applications utilizing an external motion controller.
  • Digitax ST-Z – EZ Motion – Uses an unique PC programming interface.
  • Digitax ST-P Plus – Features a full functionality motion controller.
  • Digitax ST-I Indexer drive – Designed with an onboard position controller.
  • Digitax ST Base drive – Optimized for centralized control.