Control Techniques Digitax ST-X


You’re already using a Rockwell PLC. Why not use the perfect servo drive?
Works with RS Logix™, no software to install or maintain, EtherNet/IP™ connectivity,
free software upgrades and free tech support. What’s more perfect than that?
EtherNet/IP is a trademark of Open DeviceNe Vendor Association, Inc. and is not owned by or affiliated with Emerson.
Rockwell, Kinetix and RSLogix are either trademarks, trade names or service marks of Rockwell Automation, Inc.
Introducing the Emerson Digitax ST-X, the perfect servo drive for use with your Rockwell™ PLC. This
robust, pulse duty indexing servo drive with EtherNet/IP connectivity features add-on instruction block
programming for seamless integration with RS Logix — no need for additional software to install and
maintain. Best of all, Digitax ST-X is affordable. There are no software licenses to buy or renew. There’s
also free technical support available from Emerson drive experts. Last but not least, Digitax ST-X is
proudly engineered, assembled and tested in-house in Emerson’s world class manufacturing facilities to
deliver one-stop accountability for quality and reliability.
High performance drive with EtherNet/IP connectivity
Add-On Instruction block programming for seamless integration with RS Logix

Digitax ST-X Key Features
• EtherNet/IP network capability
• Easy to use
• Safe Torque Off
• 230 and 480Vac
• Includes Add-On Instruction block (AOI) programming
for use with RS Logix
• Accepts 14 encoder feedback types
• 6 to 382lb-in (peak 1147lb-in)
• Free technical support from Emerson drive experts

digitax st-x