Contrex Motion Web Handling

Precision Motion Control with Applied Intelligence

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 CX-Series Controls
 M-Series Controls
ML-Series Controls
The Ultimate in Precision Motion Controlfor any AC, DC, or Servo Drive Digital Motion Controls, Pre-programmedwith Unique Capabilities Compact Motion Controls for Speed& Speed Ratio Applications
DC Drives
Sensors & Ring Kits
Reflex Modules
 1/8 to 2 HP DC Drives Including theM-Drive, ML-Drive, E-Drive, DF9 Regen Drives Variable-Reluctance, Hall Effect, & QuadratureSensors with Flange Mount Ring Kits Popular Signal Interface &Electronic Function Modules
 Servo Kits
Brushless DC Servo Motor with Amplifier,Resolver/Encoder, and Cables RS-232 Converters, Mag Pickup Converter,Frequency Generator, V-Hz Converters CONTREX-Host for Windows foruse with CONTREX Controls